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Giorgio Perreca is an Italian kick boxer (born in Recale 8th may 1963), currently he is the only one professional kick boxer who has defended the world title, in the specialty full contact, 13 times and 4 times European champion: 1 in full contact and 3 times in kickboxing (specialty in low kick).

After 30 years in FIKB – WAKO, now he is working, as full contact technical director, in the “fight 1 organization”.

He has an explosive force and an elastic – reactive highly developed; he is nimble, powerful and anatomically correct, he combine a body capable of high performance and an impressive muscle fiber. Besides his athletic features, on the ring, he was complete, and he had a perfect geometry of movements. Perreca was able to bring his competitors in vacuum, knew to exploit their weakness and attack theme with an unpredictable series of kicks.

Sportingly born and raised in Rome, in 1978 he started to practice “American full contact karate”, later named “full contact” within the kick boxing discipline. In 1979, in Milan, he became AIKAM Italian champion, and in 1980 he met Daniele Malori and the boxing trainer Cesare Frontaloni: thanks to them Perreca has learned to combine a powerful ability to kick together with a boxing studied in details. He became an expert in the “swing with bust”, in the close range attack, in “counter punching. Thanks to this improvements he grew exponentially as a fighter practicing simultaneously boxe, full contact and kick boxing. From this moment his cursus honorum in sports began. He won national and international titles in Europe and worldwide in many different international codes as PKO, IKL, WAKO KICK and WAKO PRO. In 1983, in London, he won his first world championship WAKO (amateurs), he was only 20 years old!! He has defended his title in Rome in 1984, winning against Sasha Stojanowich in an epic match in which Perreca won with a KO at 2nd round using an highly spectacular roundhouse kick. In 1895 he was confirmed as WAKO world champion. Competing as an amateur, in  1986, in Paris, he attended the European championship, he won and was regarded as the best athlete in the tournament. As a professional athlete, in 1989, he won his first WAKO PRO world title fighting against the Hungarian Janas Gonczi, an important kick boxer already winner of the of European and worldwide title as amateur, as well as the Hungarian one. Perreca worldwide fame also come as a result of his participation in the cycle of events “kick boxing mania” in Milan (later named “oktagon”) fighting in front of 12.000 paying spectators and winning against the german Gerard Mamadeus.

   Between 1993 and 1995 he participated in a series of historic meetings in USA fighting and winning against the kickboxing champion Lafayette Lawson.

In 1997 he has decided to stop his racing career and began a new one as technical director of the Italian and Chilean kickboxing national team in cooperation with Hermanos Martinez.

He often organize stages all over the world teaching combat sports and, in Rome, he directs “Perreca boxing team” in which are grown many kick boxer champions.






WAKO World Championship:

  • 1990 WAKO Full Contact World Championship in Mestre, Italy Bronzo -63.5 kg
  • 1987 WAKO Full Contact World Championship in Munchen, Germany Bronzo -63.5 kg
  • 1985 WAKO Full Contact World Championship in Budapest, Hungary Oro -63.5 kg
  • 1983 WAKO Full Contact World Championship in Londra, England Oro -63.5 kg

WAKO European and Mediterranean Championship:

  • 1988 Full Contact Mediterranean Championship in Palermo, Italy Oro -63.5 kg
  • 1987 Full Contact Mediterranena Championship in Catania, Italy Oro -63.5 kg
  • 1986 Full Contact WAKO European Championshipin Paris, France Oro -63.5 kg (Best athlete of the season)


Campionati Italiani A.I.K.A.M.:

  • 1979, AIKAM Italian Championship in Milan Oro


World Championship with other federations:

  • Rome, 1984
  • Lione, 1987
  • Paris, 1988
  • Barcellona, 1989
  • Palermo, 1990
  • Avignon, 1991
  • Cagliari, 1992
  • Hot Springs, 1993
  • Boston, 1994
  • Milan, 1995



  • 1989-1996 WAKO PRO / IKL / PKO / K.I.C.K. Full Contact World Championships - 63.5 Kg
  • 1990-1992 WAKO PRO Kick Boxing European Championships  - 63.5 Kg





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